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Who's Ovington?


I have been painting scenery in one fashion or another since I was 12 years old.  I began to seriously invest myself in the craft of Scenic Art around 1986, and beginning in 1887 was a student of Howard Jones and Susan Peterson at North Carolina School of the Arts.  During my 4 years at NCSA I was fortunate to have painted for over 18 different student, including the 5 for which I was charge painter.  Since then, I have painted more productions and projects than I can keep track of - below you will find a links to my resume pages which outline the most notable projects.   Ive worked with some of the most skilled and talented craftsmen, artists, and designers - and have shamelessly stolen every useful technique and insight I could from them.   As a result of having crossed the lines of entertainment scenery and set painting, I have been able to give myself a range most scenic artists either dont know exists or dont care to have - thus, Im just a comfortable giving a helicopter or large building a temporary paint job for a film as I am painting stylized scenery or backdrops for the theatre.  More than that, I am also more willing than most painters to apply those usually segregated techniques across the total spectrum of painting for entertainment.

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