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The Problem

Like most things on the Scorpion, and one would assume the Montecarlo, too, there is a re-Do-It-Yourself project just waiting to prevent some minor disaster.  From major systems on down to the smallest device, lever, and latch, the factory sent the car along just barely “there” in many ways.  The passage of thirty years since the car rolled off the boat hasn’t done any kindness either. Such is the fate of the front trunk latch release cables.  Many a tale of woe is told of an owner who has been shut out of his front trunk/boot, by a broken release cable.  The plastic handle itself is also a known point of weakness, snapping off in an surprised owner’s hand even when new.

I examined the cables on 1194 and decided I would rather not wait for trouble.  The single strand wires looked rather thin for the job in the first place and over time had become fatigued near the eyelets on each latch and on the lever arm.  Time for an upgrade.

The Fix


First, I replaced the two existing solid/single strand actuating wires from the lever arm to the left and right trunk latches with 1/16 braided stainless steel cable (wire rope).  I am lucky enough to have a complete Nicopress kit where I work.  So I borrowed the kit one afternoon and got down to business.  It was a bit trial & error to get the lengths and tensions of the cables right, but after a few tries, it seemed to work very well.  I think the toughest part may have been getting the Nicorpress tool into the tight space in the vent drain tray.


There seemed no practical way to replace the cable from the release handle without replacing the handle itself.  So I gave myself and emergency “pull”.  It is a length of coated cable with a loop at the end, which runs from the lever arm and follows the path of the existing cable, passing through the dash wiring to just behind the speaker panel at the foot well.  So far so good!

John O.

Updated 17 Oct 2009