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John O's Scorp Insanity

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Water Pump Showdown
Overflow Bottle
Stainless Expansion Tank
Hood Release Cables
Tractor Seat Mod
Hardtop for Big
History of 1194
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Contact, Links, and Boilerplate

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Phone:     240-994-7440    

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Greg's Italian Car Pages - Great L-Jetronic Info

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All that said, I'm pretty easy.  If you'd like to use an image or any info please write me and let me know what you're up to.  As long as I'm properly credited, then I'll likely be cool with it.
The repairs, upgrades, and general fooling around I write about herein are things which have worked for me.  Your results may vary based on your personal skills and experience ...and the unknowable state of your own car(s).  So I don't guarantee that anything I suggest or chronicle is going to work perfectly, or even at all, with your car.

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Updated 16 Oct 2009