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124 Air Injection Plugs

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124 Emissions Air Injection Plugs

It’s very common to remove horsepower robbing emission air pumps from 124 twin cam motors and the corrisponding unsightly air injection rail down the center of the head. Once the rail is gone, there are four open holes in the center of the head that need to be plugged which will otherwise allow exhaust gasses to escape. 


I tried some the loose Fiat fasteners I had laying around and found that wheel bolts fit perfectly in the air injection holes in the head. I drove over the our local Home Despot to try to make a match with "more attractive" Allen headed hardware and found they only had 3 of the 4 plugs I'd need. I said, screw it - literally. I went back home, cut four lug bolts off with a recip saw to about 1/2 inch long section, smoothed the cut ends down on the bench grinder, then with the recip saw again, cut a slot across the top of each cut face - viola, emissions plugs! I screwed 'em in with a large screw driver and a little loctite on the threads. I’ve actually received compliments for the more retro look of my plugs.

Updated 16 Oct 2009