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John O's Fiat Insanity

1976 Fiat 128 Wagon

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 The dumbest purchase of my life has to be this '76 128 Wagon. Bought from an "as is" eBay auction, this car was a total mess when I got it - solid in some important areas, perforated and rusty in others, with partial interior, and a Yugo tranny. Since diving deeply into it, I have repalced just about everything in the engine compartment you can bolt down and I've been inspired to buy a welder. It now has all the good stuff I'd set aside for my 128 sedan project, including a Strada 1500 block with 1300 head and flywheel, IAP C2800 cam, 34 DMTR, Marelli Plex electronic ignition, '79 tall final drive 4-speed, and much more. It still has a ways to go yet, but I hope to have it in a finished enough state soon to serve as my business "pick-up truck".

John O.

 Updated 16 Oct 2009